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A Goddess does not reduce herself for someone else to feel comfortable.

Our Gathered 

The Goddess Rebellion

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Meet The Team


Ronja Moss

Creatix, retreat host, facilitator, and co-host of The Candle Lighter's Podcast

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Ronja works mostly as a therapist and a coach with The Body Narrative approach. She has also been a teacher and a facilitator for over a decade now, and loves working with people from all walks of life. 


Raised with her adopted Aboriginal family in Alice Springs Ronja writes fiction as her passion, which involve Indigenous ways of being and thinking as well as Australian history.


You can read more about Ronja's story HERE, or about the work she does with her therapy and coaching HERE. 

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Gemma Lucy Bandiera

Co-host of The Candle Lighter's Podcast and retreat host

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Gemma is a hairdresser and designer working around the Sydney area. Her business is Radical Hair, but Gemma also does one-on-one work.

She is passionate about mental health and physical wellbeing after years of struggling with these areas herself. Bringing education and light to these issues is why Gemma got involved with Goddess Awoke. Her vision is to live in a world where more people can get the support they need, and be guided into healing.

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Catherine Paglia

Social media writer and trauma  educator

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Catherine has travelled the world making art, taking photos, and meeting amazing healers. She is passionate about expression and about allowing other's to tell their stories.

Catherine currently lives in Peru working as an artist, an events co-facilitator, and a photographer. Her deep passion, however, is in healing trauma and the gut. Researching these areas and helping bring information to other's on what she has learnt is an integral part to Catherine's mission on this planet.

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