Breath-work as manifestation

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Why breath-work and manifestation work together always

Two practices have been sweeping the new age world: 1) the idea of being able to manifest – usually whatever you want through prosperity and abundance; and 2) breath-work – meditation, yoga, qigong, tai chi, Wim Hoff technique, transcendental meditation etc.

Some flock to one of these and not the other, some are skeptical of both. But here’s the thing, both really do work, both are real, and in fact they are actually one and the same thing.

I’m going to break down for you what both ‘manifesting’ and 'breath-work' are, and why they do truly make waves in our own lives and on the planet, whether we practice them or not.

So, first of all I say 'manifesting' rather than manifestation due to the fact that everything is a manifestation!

Everything is simply reality/‘matter’ being created in elementary particles from nothing/Source Consciousness so that we can understand life and ourselves. Everything is from The Love of Oneness come into manifestation through duality for experience. We are One Consciousness creating self so as to explore ourselves.

If this is a new concept to you, you may need a minute. But, think about it, we are all connected on this planet, all affecting one another. And, I am sure you have had inklings of feelings that our consciousness is linked to one another, a part of one another in a way that was inexplicable.

We are all a manifestation of thoughts come into form.

So today when I mention ‘manifesting’ I am referring specifically to what we bring into your own lives, what our psyche/karma has called forth for our soul development – relationships, status, our bodies etc. And, what we attract through our will and actions.

So, yes, we all manifest. You manifested yourself when you came into creation! Then you manifested your childhood experiences (I made some seriously crazy stuff happen), and you manifested how your body would develop. You were probably unaware as you were growing up (though I can't say for sure) of quantum physics and the fact that your thoughts, words, and breath are very powerful. I was, that's for sure.

Now, however, science is proving that we live in a participatory universe. What this means is, it is not the mechanical Newtonian reality we once thought, our consciousness is truly able to change the world around us. You/us are in fact making both the mundane and the magical come into fruition.

Because everything is just a manifestation of Source, and we are the ones holding the creation of this organic energetic matrix of reality in place with our consciousness, anything is possible. Because everything exists in the realms of possibility, anything is possible. Yes, because everything is possible anything is possible... Anything is indeed possible.

Think about it: the fact that you even exist, with your very lungs and this oxygen we're all breathing, is a literal miracle, true magic – let alone the wonders you can create with your hands, words, and, yes, your breath too.

That's the first basics of why manifesting works. It works because we work. But, before I move to the complications of it, and why we don't always get 'what we want', let's look now at our breath.

Breath is the most powerful thing on this Earth (The Earth herself is breathing!). After that the sounds that come from living things are most powerful (words, bird song etc), then it is thought systems, and then awareness states. Though these things are cyclical (awareness affects thought, affects words, affects breathing, affects awareness, affects thoughts etc), breath is the simplest tangible thing that all living things do that connects us to the material world.

Breath is, not only the most consistent thing keeping us alive, it is what joins us on the physical plane to one another always, even when we do not feel or see it. Breath is simply air, that incredible unseen stuff that gushes between our bodies, and all things on Earth. We breathe in oxygen, deep into our bodies, taking in the Source of life, the ability to stay alive in the purest way.

Yet, though it is the simplest thing, it is the thing that changes us and our lives the most. You have probably felt how intrinsically it affects you, either in breath work, or when exercising, or maybe even when you're sick! But, maybe not fully known why.

Unlike food, air is not tainted by such rich flavours, scents, or textures. Because we are breathing in reality in a way that has less density it means we are bringing our own intentions into ourselves more precisely. You may have heard mindfulness teachers saying that when you eat you begin to digest your own attitudes and feelings with every mouthful because of your energy becoming a part of the consumption – hence the push for mindfulness eating! So, um, yes, true! And it is even more like this when we breathe. Due to the fact that we are One Consciousness, we are breathing in ourselves in the simplest form and so taking in our own will on a hyper level.

When we suck in oxygen, we are breathing in our own wishes, thoughts, feelings, and subconsciousness. They then meld with the air as it goes through the process of respiration in our lungs, imprinting our current state of being into the particles soon to be exhaled. Then, when we breathe out carbon dioxide we are pushing those air particles, that have our will now inside them too, out into the world.

You take in a simple form of yourself, make it more yourself with your human desires and belief systems, and then you let that into the world, generating more of yourself in everything around you.

You literally breathe life into your very thoughts.

This is why mindfulness combined with the breath is essential. If we are not aware of ourselves, we are more likely to breathe in sensations that will manifest trouble in our life.

This is why 'manifesting' what we want doesn't always work. It can! But, it is not a guarantee.

Yes! The power of the spoken word is absolutely incredible, and prayers, mantras and affirmations are magical beyond measure. However, if you are saying 'I wish I felt beautiful,' or 'I want my soul mate to walk into my life,' but you don't actually feel worthy of either, you're going to run into problems.

Don't get me wrong 'fake it till you make it' has slowly worked wonders for me. Still, 'manifesting' is not as simple as just thinking, or wishing. It comes from a deeper sense of knowing, and also often from a karmic cycle/ contract you have bound yourself to for some reason.

Don't despair! Magic is real, and so are miracles! We can bring more power, more goodness, more clarity, more Love, and more true abundance into our lives by breathing in the beauty of ourselves and all of life, and then extending that vibrancy outward as we exhale. And when we practice such breath work it really does just keep getting better, and better, and better!

I believe in you. As I believe in myself. You are already a powerful manifester. I know you can be a manifester for your own pleasure, and the feeling of Love Light abundance that radiates throughout this incredible existence. It may be about more cars, money, and esteem, or it may be about more connections, feelings of grace, or joy, it might be all of the above and more! Whatever it is, you deserve it. Know that, feel it, and breath the magic of your own life into your whole being.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about manifestation, and energy empowerment please get in contact.

You know, I love you all. I really do. I helped manifest you after all, as you did me. Hehe, what a treat!

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