We will hold you gently, firmly, as you transform

Every being is a part of the divine feminine. It is a person's birthright to feel the beauty of this.

Ronja Moss

This is the beautiful art of empowerment and life coaching with therapy included

We recognise that it is not enough to just say "feel worthy" or "take your life into your own hands". We know that it not about just changing lifestyle, or increasing wellbeing and creative activities – that sometimes there are blocks in the subconscious mind, limiting us from being able to feel our worth, or the joy of our daily lives. 

Thus we bring activities, exercises and advice alongside our therapy modality. From years of studying both traditional and alternative psychological healing methods we have created Body Narrative Therapy  (BNT) – a type of therapy that includes hypnotherapy, somatic processing, psychotherapy and energy work. BNT works to understand the contracts you have made with your own thoughts, why you created these beliefs, and then helps rewire the brain so as to heal these outdated limitations.  


All our coaching plans follow the Goddess Awoke program, which includes linear coaching sessions and BNT. You will have a coaching session one week, and then have therapy the next. This holistic approach works wonders in the lives of our clients, as they are held, guided and encouraged to remember their power and worth.


There is the option of either a 6 Week Exploration, 3 Month Journey, 6 Month Deep Diving, or a 9 Month Turn Around. Each one entails being held and seen in a way that addresses your individual needs.