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Body Narrative


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A neuro-based therapy that focuses on the unconscious stories stored in the body as a way of rewiring the brain

Body Narrative Therapy (BNT) comes from the understanding neuroscience and the nervous system, trauma-informed practices, and human energetics. With guide from a therapist we access hidden belief systems, or traumas from memories stored in the body. Once these memories are uncovered, we then focus on finding key words, symbols, or people who are connected to the memory causing certain ailments, or perceptions (such as a lack of self-love, or shame). These ideas are then rewritten by the therapist guiding the patient through other calm states that fully empower them in reclaiming their story.​ It uses a process of constellation work and narrative therapy. 

In our sessions, we then use bilateral music stimulation (one headphone and then the other) as we move the individual through the memories, meaning they process the trauma with both hemispheres of the brain. We by-passes the area of the brain that has become stuck due to the trauma, or the outdated thought patterns, and is preventing the brain from allowing you to live an enriched life of positive thinking and feeling. These technology is based on EMDR and Brain Spotting research and modalities.


This is a deep process which can take many weeks. We suggest that people have at least 3 sessions. We prefer to do therapy sessions only with clients who have a coaching package as it is a very intimate and powerful modality, however, if you need an extra session or want to try BNT than we are open to single sessions.

This type of therapy was created by Ronja Moss after years of studying reiki, hypnosis, and having done her own traditional types of both talking and trauma-informed therapies, as well as traditional counselling. Ronja underwent EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy full time for a year whilst studying the brain and how it responds to trauma with her teaching work, and evolved BNT from this trauma-informed, somatic process knowledge.  You can read more about EMDR and its effectiveness HERE.

BNT is in its first two years of operating, but has made great differences to people's lives already. It works very well over the phone. Yet, it does require that you have a quiet space where you will not be disturbed, and a set of headphones. 

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