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A Goddess does not reduce herself for someone else to feel comfortable.

The Goddess Rebellion

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Hypnotherapist, counsellor, trauma-informed teacher, TV producer, author, musician & artist 

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Ronja is a therapist and a coach working in empowerment and healing trauma. She has worn many hats in her career and in her personal life as well. Born in the desert of Central Australia to the renown Australian artist and author Rod Moss, and vedic artist Elli Moss, Ronja grew up alongside her Aboriginal adopted family. From a young age she was introduced to cultural ways of being, and had an alternative childhood with her parents giving her opportunities to look at art, life, and reality in a unique way.

Pre teens, her parents divorced and Ronja became chronically ill and was unable to attend school for many years. In this time, she suffered within her mind and body in ways that caused great depression.

As a young woman she ended up topping her year 12 final year of school in several subjects, topped Australia in Film Studies with the ATOM award, and ended with three university degrees, including a Masters of Teaching. 

She has now worked in education, child care, relationship counselling, communications and play-based therapies for over 14 years across Australia.

Ronja is still very close to her traditionally-adopted family in Alice Springs. She has lived and worked in numerous remote communities in special needs and arts programs. She has also spent years working in schools specialising in addressing the needs of autistic children in the inner suburbs of Melbourne. 

Thanks in part to her intense will to heal and live an empowered life, Ronja has had a side career in television for five years, where she produced a talk show for Foxtel and worked as a producer's assistant for the ABC at night times when she was going through university. Though there have been some extraordinary events such as playing her ukulele for Ai Weiwei when she was volunteering with Syrian refugees in Greece, as well as recording a single in New York with a producer who had worked with Bjork and The Cat Empire, Ronja has had to find peace within herself after many years of internally suffering. 

She was within an abusive relationship for years, and had to undertake full time EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) therapy to recover from her PTSD that lasted 2 years. Her later partner, family, and friends where paramount to her healing process too.


Ronja counts herself as very lucky now to be well and 'healed'. As well as countless different therapies, developing a conscious spiritual path, and having mindfulness practices that she exercises throughout each day has been essential in her ongoing wellbeing. Ronja says that her inner clarity is the foundation block to all her relationships, and her ability to move through the exterior world.  


Ronja has lived in Alice Springs, Katherine, Melbourne, The Bega Valley, and now resides in Sydney. Her greatest love is the Australian landscape and the incredible beauty of the ancient land she resides upon. Ronja carves wood, plays banjo, and dreams of her children eating from their own garden in the not too distant future. 

Ronja is grateful for her teachers, healers and the coaches she has worked with to get to this place, and for their continuing suppourt. 

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