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Discover more of your own beauty as you learn more skills

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Connecting with your inner child

Two week course with Ronja Moss

4th - 12th September, 2021

Understand how your anxiety, depression, or pain relates to trauma from childhood. Learn about the 'inner child' and attachment styles.

Re-engage with your needs, desires & hopes. Then, begin to build your relationship with your inner child to discover your joy, & solve your problems with true power and clarity.  

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Shadows into Light

Twelve week course with Ronja Moss

29th September - 18th December, 2021

Have you been struggling with self-worth, anxiety, depression, or trauma? Looking to engage with your shadow side, the inner child, and hidden limitations as a way of getting to know yourself and to find that true self-love within? Then, join us for this 12 week program.

With Shadows into Light you will be guided in real time by a therapist AND have the opportunity to connect with other women as a part of a community. You will have both professional support, and the care of your peers. This program is truly unique in its blend so as to allow participants to flourish.

There will be fortnightly themes that will be explored in women's circles, where you will be held safely and witnessed in your processing. And, there will then be private activities to do throughout the week based on your healing and the course. You will be paired up with a buddy, so as to share your process and have accountability. These processes all build community, and friendships that will go much longer than the course.

With your therapist (Ronja Moss) you will also have fortnightly Body Narrative Therapy (BNT) sessions, so as to help clear old limitations as they arise. BNT allows us to access the subconscious within the body and find old beliefs that are limiting us. It then uses bilateral music to help rewire the limitations.

Through therapy, group sessions, and personal activities Shadows into Light provides a magnified and beautiful path to healing, and into further acceptance.

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