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A Goddess is a feminine being who knows their worth. Every woman, girl, and feminine identifying person is already worthy.

Ronja Moss

Waterside Women
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Our Vision

For feminine beings to feel safe to share their stories, heal their outdated limitations, and have deeper connection

We run retreats and host events so to help those who attend have greater feelings of:

  • Self-worth

  • Empowerment in every choice

  • Love & intimacy

  • Sexual expression & pleasure

  • Connectivity to themselves & all beings

  • To feel beauty radiating throughout their bodies

  • Clarity in communication

  • Lifestyle choices which make them feel proud

  • Creative flow 

  • Being energised & painless 

  • Fun with a sense of true abundance

  • To know that they have always been, and always will be Goddesses!

Be supported to discover these qualities and share your needs by a community who cares

Women on the Beach
Women with Sparklers

Retreats and Events

Connect with other goddesses and rediscover your clarity with one of our retreats or events

Our retreats and events cover a host of themes and activities depending on the specific details of the experience, as well as a variety of beautiful locations across Australia (soon to be around the world!). The thing they all have in common, however, is that they encourage feminine beings to come together in safe, nourishing spaces so to heal and be truly seen.

Our retreats focus on sharing stories, experiences and creating new precious moments in time. These sometimes go for several days, or may be half day events. If there is something or somewhere in particular that you want to go, please get in touch. We may already be thinking the same thing!

For information on our current retreat bookings click the link below. 


Meet Ronja

Body Narrative Therapy practioner, counsellor, coach, trauma-informed teacher, author, & artist 

Ronja Moss is the originator of Goddess Awoke, and a teacher, writer, faciliator, coach and therapist. After years of healing from her own traumas and finding ways of empowering herself to live her own best life, she had a vision to create a space where other feminine beings could come and share, to be seen and held in nurturing ways. Ronja believes it is every person's birthright to honour themselves, their stories, and this incredible Earth we inhabit. 

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Say 'Hi' to Gemma

Hair dresser, mental health activist, business owner, & entrepreneur 

Gemma is a visionary and a committed mental health activist and advocate. After serious burnout from being a workaholic with her own hairdressing business, Gemma discovered one of Goddess Awoke's retreats. A powerful experience there of healing and reconnecting showed Gemma that she offered so much more than just business. She is now one of the marketing strategists, a co-host, and a creative driver of our mission and how to implement these. Furthermore, Gemma will be the co-host of our soon to be Candle Lighter's Podcast.

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And our lovely Catherine

Writer, artist, photographer, videographer, & trauma educator

Catherine has been an artist and a multimedia enthuse for over a decade. After realising she had much of her own trauma to heal, Catherine moved to Peru where she now full time writes, makes art, and does an array of therapies and trauma research. She met Ronja in 2018 and has worked with her on and off since. Knowing her skill with the written word Ronja asked Catherine to come on board as a creative writer for Goddess Awoke at the beginning of 2021. Catherine's insights and poetic explorations capture the essence of our work perfectly.



“I have had so much fun with this experience. It really allowed me to come back into my own self, and I just loved all the activities!”


school teacher


“This process of healing has helped me so much. It's been a big process, but I am feeling my power finally. It's scary and beautiful.”

yoga therapist & dancer


“Ronja is awesome. Just awesome. Working with her has been huge, and I know this next venture of hers will be just as powerful.”


vedic art teacher


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Let’s Engage

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