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A Goddess is a feminine being who knows their worth. Every woman, girl, and feminine identifying person is already worthy.

Ronja Moss

Smiling Model

Our Vision

For feminine beings to step into their divine power, heal their outdated limitations, and have deeper connection

So to have greater feelings of:

  • Self-worth

  • Empowerment in every choice

  • Love & intimacy

  • Sexual expression & pleasure

  • Connectivity to themselves & all beings

  • To feel beauty radiating throughout their bodies

  • Clarity in communication

  • Lifestyle choices which make them feel proud

  • Creative flow 

  • Being energised & painless 

  • Fun with a sense of true abundance

  • To know that they have always been, and always will be Goddesses!

Why do this with just a coach, or a therapist, when you can have two in one, and be held in a holistic, inclusive way.

All therapists and practitioners work with the perspective and knowing that their clients are already worthy, perfect, and just need assistance to move through traumas and pain, as they realign with the sense of their true worth. This is what we mean when we say 'healing.'

Stonewall Celebration

The Program

Empowerment and life coaching for feminine beings with therapy included

All our coaching plans follow the Goddess Awoke program, which includes linear coaching sessions to suit your personal healing process and realigning of your empowerment, these include having Body Narrative Therapy sessions to help unblock unconscious stories and energy, and build your knowledge of your worthiness. Our coaching programs correlate with our vision, and focus on the incredible and powerful you that you're already stepping into.


There is the option of either a 6 Week Exploration, a 3 Month Journey, a 6 Month Deep Diving, or The 9 Month Turn Around. Each one entails being held and seen in a way that addresses your individual needs as you discover the goddess within and become established in this profound knowing.

Meet Ronja

Hypnotherapist, counsellor, trauma-informed teacher, TV producer, author, musician & artist 

Ronja Moss is the originator of Goddess Awoke. After years of healing from her own traumas and finding ways of empowering herself to live her best life full of creative flow, she had a vision to create a fully comprehensive and holistic way for other feminine beings to heal themselves and step back into their own power. Ronja believes it is every person's birthright to honour themselves, their stories, and this incredible Earth we inhabit. 


At Goddess Awoke we will be soon interviewing for a new team member to join us with our coaching and therapy packages. This member will need to be a woman and have experience in working with people, healing modalities, and be deeply inspired by life. They will be trained in Body Narrative Therapy with a certification, and our coaching systems. 

We will also be growing our team later in the year, and are hoping to take on someone of fluid or divergent gender, or/and from the LGBT community.

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